Rejuv Massage is located within Spoiled Spa and Salon​ (Orchards Location)

Cherie Blackburn

De-Stress in Our Relaxing Environment

Our stress-free space is ideal for massage therapy in Vancouver, WA

Feeling tense? Don't ignore that feeling - your body is trying to tell you it needs some TLC. Rejuv Massage is here to help. We offer massage services in Vancouver, WA. Your body works day in and day out and is always under strain. And when you're stressed, your body works overtime, causing you to feel drained and disconnected. At our massage company, we focus on massage therapy techniques that will rejuvenate your mind and body.

We offer both 90-minute and 60-minute massage sessions. From now until April 30, enjoy our 60-minute basic massage for only $50. For a relaxing experience you'll love, turn to our massage therapists.

Relax and Recharge with Our Massage Services

There's nothing more important than treating your mind and body with care. We offer several massage services to recharge you:

  • Swedish massage
  • Prenatal massage
  • Hot stone massage

Everyone deserves ample time to unwind. When you're feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, contact our massage therapists to relieve your stress.

We'll Make You Feel Relaxed and Rejuvenated

Choose from a variety of stress-releasing massage services in Vancouver, WA

Why Choose Our Massage Therapists?

When your anxiety feels uncontrollable, you need a place to shut out the world and simply relax. That's where Rejuv Massage comes in. We're a massage therapy company committed to providing a calming environment for our customers to de-stress in.

Our clients know they can rely on us because we cater to their specific needs. We understand that everyone is different, and some clients may want more or less pressure than others. We treat every customer with the utmost respect and discuss their goals with them before beginning the massage process. Feeling stressed? Our massage therapists have the solution. Call today to book an appointment.


The add-ons are in addition to the base massage.
You can get a mini​ Hot stone which covers just a particular area like the back or legs.​

  • Mini Hot Stone​
  • Aromatherapy​
  • Muscle Soothing

Aromatherapy Includes:

eucalyptus, lavender, orange and a variety of other​ Scents. Ie;​

  • Lavender. Use it: For better sleep. ...​
  • Clary Sage. Use it: To reduce blood pressure. ...​
  • Peppermint. Use it: To wake up. ...​
  • Orange. Use it: To decrease anxiety. ...​
  • Rosemary. Use it: To enhance brainpower. ...​
  • Cinnamon. Use it: To boost focus. ...​
  • Lemon. Use it: To improve mood. ...​
  • Eucalyptus. Use it: To stop sniffling. Clear sinus​